Honest? I think really she thinks so, but instead of honest i see another self serving, privileged white dude who manipulated the system and has told so many obvious whoppers that its not even funny. From I’ll release my taxes to we didn’t talk to that Russian- not that I wanted HC (please, just say no) or that he is “the problem”. As in hell to the no on both, actually. And in reality, DT is just as honest as anyone who resides in d.c. on the government dime I guess, but in relation to the rest of us, I fear he is sadly lacking in both honesty and integrity. Sadly this is also true of the rest of the majority of the aforementioned D.C. crew – no matter which side of the aisle they reside on, honesty and looking after the best interest of the people is in VERY short supply, unless of course it ties into their own agendas and aspirations. But then who’s fault is it? them for obeying their very nature or ours for letting it get this far out of hand?

Seems to me that for quite a while we the people have let them call the shots without any consequences for bad behavior. And “they” have just batted our disapproval aside like you might a fly, and still even when wrong (oh so wrong) “they” prevail. Maybe it is because they have crafted the laws in “their” favor, and that “they” own 99.8% of the media outlets… but somehow the spirit of Eugene Debs and the belief that we the people are entitled to a say in our own employment, fair wages and compensation for our labor has come into conflict with the independent nature of “we the misinformed people” who for some reason fail to realize that for the most part “we” are being played. And yet despite all the empirical evidence in front of our eyes, for some reason “we” continue to believe our votes count, yet never insist that they actually count them in recent history. And now, that in the ability of a free nation to truly exist that would really depends on our say so, on our very participation, has been lost in a made up battle between “socialism” and “capitalism”. If we ever had it to begin with, our freedoms are being limited by our refusal to recognize these ploys outside of finger pointing at the party or political leanings that we happen to disagree with the most – when it is a fact that both sides are screwing “us”. And, ironically, even tragically it is exactly those two crooked parties that are flaming that fuel to facilitate and continue pulling the wool over our eyes.