Fifteen Minutes

I think I better
Take that 15 minutes for me
Before it all comes
Crashing down
Just 15 minutes
For me
To sort it all through
Or Not
Before I pick
The day back up
Before I speak
Before I act
React, or not
Just 15 minutes
Its all I need
15 minutes
Just for me

By a thread

Here I sit, poised and ready
Trills and chills and one big tickle
Excited, involved
God, help me
Letting the dream loose and
Turning the world upside down
While hanging by a thread
God, help me
I’m takin’ a chance
Not able to tell if it’s real,
Till its done and a deal
Still I think
No matter the outcome
I m enjoying the dance


a lonely heart
cried out to mine
striking a note
i’d rather not chime
if only i had a vote
alone by choice
i was somewhat content
quelling that voice
that my heart sent
till the echoes
of a lonely heart
reverberated within me
and made a song
that does not belong
touched a place
i thought i’d erased