There will be bad poetry

Yup, just about sums it up…
In case you are wondering, this site is not technically about semi-precious topaz stones, but the pictures are pretty, and when the cleavage fits…

Definition of orthorhombic

Of, relating to, or constituting a system of crystallization characterized by three unequal axes at right angles to each other.
“Orthorhombic.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 13 Sept. 2017.

Please note though, in the definition  axes is actually the plural of axis, though some might take it as I have an axe to grind.  But they would be mistaken, I can almost assure you.


2019 a time of uncertainty

Like any other. I wish it was new… This flutter of hope I have that things will get better. But no, I’ve felt it before. I must not give into the weakness that comes with that flutter… So I shall remain forever cynical. Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. SHARE ON

Fifteen Minutes

I think I better Take that 15 minutes for me Before it all comes Crashing down Just 15 minutes For me To sort it all through Or Not Before I pick The day back up Before I speak Before I act React, or not Do Anything Just 15 minutes Its all I need 15 minutes …

By a thread

Here I sit, poised and ready Trills and chills and one big tickle Excited, involved Enthralled God, help me Entranced Letting the dream loose and Turning the world upside down While hanging by a thread God, help me I’m takin’ a chance Not able to tell if it’s real, Till its done and a deal …


Look to the stars, I won’t be there.
Look to the gutters, I won’t be there.
Look inside
Look outside the box…

Oh Look…. there I am…